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About Emily

An Authentic Path to Finding Strength and Balance

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I received my master's degree in clinical social work from the University of Michigan, and upon finishing my degree I moved to the Washington DC area. I've worked extensively with children, families, and adults in my private practice, as well as in community based outpatient mental health, school, and residential settings. I'm trained in Trauma Focused-CBT, Integrative Play Therapy, The Neurological Effects of Traumatic Stress, Group Psychotherapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Treatment.  Across my different areas of expertise I have found that people truly have the ability to change, to heal, and to thrive.

As a young girl I remember the first time I stood in front of the painting of a master. I was captivated! Not because it was stunning, although it was. I was drawn in by the discovery that what I saw depended completely upon where I was standing. Up close certain brush strokes seemed glaring and misplaced, yet standing just a few steps back those same marks revealed their genius as they added depth and completed the painting. Without those seeming mistakes, the beauty of the painting would have fallen flat, from any vantage point. 

It was powerful to witness the result of one individual’s courage to embrace the existence of flaws in realizing his vision of beauty and balance. The artist applied to his canvas what is so true in life; our experiences, and attributes both good and bad, create the whole picture. We can become fixated on the imperfections we see, or the challenges we experience. We can also take a step back, learn to acknowledge and understand the difficulties in our lives, and move forward leaving them to deepen the value of our life experience.

As an adult I thought surely I would continue my study of art. In the end I realized that my passion for the creative process would be better met, even exceeded in the study of human development, resilience, and the personal impact of our interactions with others and our environment.

I have known exhilarating success, and epic failure in both my personal and professional endeavors. What remains constant is the necessary struggle, the work we all must put in to find and maintain authenticity, connection, and the ability to live well amid the highs and lows of life. It is in that middle place that we can thrive, fueled by intention, passion, balance, and love.

I am privileged to be part of the journey of so many that seek healing and change. In their company I often find myself, as I do standing before the work of a great artist, in awe of the transformative power of curiosity and courage in the lives of those who strive to break through their unique barriers and create what they envision for themselves and those they love.